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Length: 70 pages

This zine gives you everything you need to have your own fully-fledged Halfling Food Festival in your game. You can use it as a fun filler session, a way for your players to spend and make some money, or use some of the suggested plot threads and optional dark secrets to make a whole arc or campaign out of it. Whatever you choose, fill your boots!

Contents include:

  • A whole bunch of NPCs along with their stats and stalls
  • Rules for selling monster parts for food
  • Adventure hooks and plot lead-ins
  • Side quests galore
  • New potions and magic items
  • Tables to create brand new dishes and delicacies on the fly
  • New monsters
  • A whole set of dark secrets to explore

The ideas can be used in pretty much any system but I'll be including stats for DnD 5e. But don't let that stop you from using the resource in anything! 

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GenreRole Playing
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